Friday, 24 March 2017

Get your Business ISO Certified

Certain international standards has been issued by The International Organization for Standardisation i.e. ISO (which is an independent & non-governmental organization comprising of 150+ national standard bodies) which certifies the safety, reliability & quality of goods & services. Getting your business ISO certified is now prudent for the overall goodwill of entities. Such norms / standards prove to be a powerful tool which benefits businesses by cost reduction and subsequently increasing overall productivity of such business. It can be taken by any kind of organization regardless of its size.

Some of the very common ISO Certification standards are illustrated below-

1.      ISO 9001:2015 – It basically certifies Quality management systems and practices. It is based on various quality management principles which focuses mainly on customer, leadership, involvement of people, continual improvement, decision making purely based on facts, mutually beneficial supplier relationship etc.

2.     ISO 27001:2005 – This standard deals in information security management systems and certifies security of various assets which are entrusted to you by third parties.

3.   ISO 22001:2005 – Business entities dealing in foods and beverages need to get ISO 22001:2005 certified which exclusively deals in commitment to food safety. It is a means of prevention that addresses chemical, physical or biological hazards to ensure complete safety of such food products.

4.     ISO 14001:2004 – It certifies that a particular product is environment friendly and complies with laws & regulations which conferred commitment to environmental policy, conservation of water, energy, fuel etc. and prevention of pollution to ensure socio-economic balance.

All the above stated standards' Certificates have the validity period of 3 years subject to annual audit which shall have to be conducted at the end of 1st and 2nd year respectively.

ISO usually does not perform certification rather it has appointed various national standard external bodies which certifies a particular product or service and issue ISO certificates.

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Some recent updates that you would not like to miss –

1.   Threshold limit for prohibiting cash payments has been reduced from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.2 lakhs with equivalent penalty.

2.    Quoting Aadhaar Number has been made mandatory for filing Income Tax Return and application of PAN w.e.f. 01.07.2017.

3.      GST is set to be enforced from July 2017.

4.    Composition, Valuation, Input Tax Credit & Trasnsition Rules are likely to get approved by GST Council in Council Meeting on 31.03.2017. Other rules have already been approved by the Council.

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